What are the Best UK Poker Sites? Full Poker Guide

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UK Poker Sites

The UK has always been one of the largest markets for online poker. Given the sheer quantity of amateur and professional players in the country, it’s no wonder the United Kingdom is home to so many top-tier poker sites.

If you are a Brit seeking more information about the best UK poker sites, the safest and most reliable poker sites, poker bonuses, the easiest competition in MTTs and cash games, poker rules, and more, we have got you covered.

Our UK poker review covers the best UK online poker sites for both new and experienced casino players.

Best Poker Sites UK

best poker sites uk

When looking for a poker site that accepts players from the UK, you may feel overwhelmed by the variety of options available. Here is a list of the best poker sites in the UK. We’ve included areas that are good for new players, have a cheap rake, provide twister poker, and more:

888 Poker

888 is one of the most popular UK poker sites. 888 Poker is owned and managed by 888 Holdings, a business traded on the London Stock Exchange.

There is a wide variety of cash games and tournaments to choose from, so you may play any kind of poker you like most.

888 Poker has, and always has had, a reputation for drawing careless players at the lower-stakes games. Beginners and intermediates alike can benefit from playing at lower to moderate stakes tables, where the odds of winning are higher and the player’s bankroll can be increased with very little risk.

Due to the large number of participants, several tournaments offering various sums of money as prizes are held. 888 Poker UK hosts satellite events with prize pools in the millions of dollars for some of the largest poker tournaments in the world.

There is $145,000 up for grabs every day in the Challenge Series, and players may get in on the action for as little as $2.00.

Bet365 Poker

Bet365 is a top choice among UK online poker sites because of its beginner’s Cash Tables. New players can access these tables for the first 90 days after creating an account.

Bet365 is well-rated because of its user-friendly design and dedicated beginning tables. Small-stakes games with a maximum of $1 or $2 are available for players who have been enrolled for 90 days or fewer, and they can prevent novice tilt from causing players to lose their money too quickly.

There are, however, a few drawbacks. For example, sometimes the starting tables aren’t always busy. Players who join up under many accounts or who have been playing for years but have only recently registered an account are not considered novices and can continue to access the games.

Another problem is the rake, with Bet365 charging an abnormally high rate on a regular basis. Bet365 has the greatest payout percentage (8.33%) among all UK-based poker sites for 5NL ($0.02/$0.05) play, for instance.

If you’re new to poker games in the UK and looking for a place to hone your skills before diving into more advanced games and global tournaments, Bet365 Poker is a good option.


When it comes to online poker sites, PokerStars is by far the most popular option for players in the United Kingdom. Their website offers 26 distinct variations of online poker tournaments, more than most poker sites.

The Sunday Million is their most renowned tournament, with a $1 million guaranteed prize pool, but they also host a plethora of other events every day of the week.

Betfair Poker

Betfair is one of the largest betting and sports exchanges in the world, and they also run a poker site called Betfair Poker.

The Betfair poker site is run separately from the casino and sportsbook, and it uses its own proprietary software to cater to its massive user base. While traffic may be lower than at other independent poker sites, the bonuses, loose games, and customer service more than make up for it.

Betfair also has fantastic customer service and offers wonderful incentives, both of which are worth checking out. New players at Betfair Poker may receive a 100% bonus on their first deposit, up to $600. All players, from beginners to seasoned pros, may afford to test out this room at this price.

Betfair Poker has a ton of great promotions, including guaranteed tournaments every week, free rolls, leaderboard challenges, and a VIP program that lets you earn cash and rewards for playing.

Betsafe Poker

Betsafe Poker, a member of the well-known iPoker Network, is yet another excellent choice for gamers in the United Kingdom. Betsafe UK, while not as large as PokerStars or GGPoker, does have certain advantages.

The availability of a web-based client is one feature you could find useful. The site’s tournaments and cash tables are browser-based, so you may play from any computer without downloading any additional software.

Unibet Poker

When an online poker room conducts a game, they will deduct a fee known as “rake” from the pot. With a lower rake percentage, a larger portion of your potential winnings stays in your pocket.

Only PokerStars (at lower buy-ins, 3% rake) comes close to Unibet’s 1% rake on popular game variants like Texas Holdem and Omaha. In addition, in a two- or three-handed game, the rake is decreased by half, benefiting the players.

One of the many reasons why Unibet Poker is ideal for beginners is that it prohibits the use of heads-up display software like Pokertracker and Holdem Manager.


Partypoker has amazing localized promotions for UK players, making it a perfect choice for online poker. Due to PartyPoker’s complete registration with and regulation by the UK Gambling Commission, playing it is completely safe and fair.

Partypoker offers an attractive sign-up bonus, and the site regularly hosts a large number of players for both cash games and tournaments.

The PartyPoker mobile app is also top-notch, allowing players to participate in all of the site’s cash games and tournaments from the palm of their hand. In a nutshell, it’s the go-to spot for British gamers to take advantage of exclusive promotions and play their favorite games.


GGPoker is another reputable poker site in the United Kingdom. As with other top UK poker sites, GGPoker has also obtained a license to operate from the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC).

At GGPoker, you can make deposits and withdrawals quickly and easily. However, one drawback is that GGPoker’s operator only accepts US dollars, so British pounds won’t be of any help to you if you want to keep your account in GBP. As a result, it’s not ideal to make deposits in British pounds because of the possibility of exchange rate costs.

New UK Poker Sites

Coral is a major and long-standing name in the UK poker industry. It specializes in sports betting and bingo but also provides online poker. Since its inception in 1999, it has become one of the most well-known and respected poker brands in the United Kingdom.

New players at Coral Poker may receive $30 in tournament tickets just for signing up and making a deposit. A £20 deposit will trigger the transfer of funds to your awaiting bonus account. You may enter six $5 spin tournaments using these tournament tickets.

WH Poker contains all the features of a professional poker site. Enjoy Twister Spins with multipliers of up to x1,000, Fast-Fold Poker, 6+ Hold’em, a Multi-Table Tournament grid with buy-ins as little as €0.20, and a 100% first-deposit offer up to €100, all for just €10. The result is a steady stream of UK poker players flocking to WHP. A solid NLH field, the fifth-most traffic in the world at its height (1,500 entrants), and the possibility to utilize professional software will all pique the curiosity of seasoned players.

With the release of their Poker App, UK poker players can now access their favorite William Hill Poker games from their mobile devices. The app is the newest and most secure method to play William Hill Poker on mobile devices, with simple installation, no cost, and lightning-fast speed.

How to Choose the Best UK Poker Site

How to Choose the Best UK Poker Site

There are a few things to keep in mind when searching for the best UK poker site. However, everyone has their own unique tastes and preferences, so what works for one person might not be the ideal option for you. It’s in your best interest to look into and compare several UK poker sites to discover the one that suits your interests. Here are some essential details to consider before choosing a poker site:

  • Review and Recommendation: Read the reviews that other players have left and ask reliable sources or other gamers for their advice. Their experiences can give significant insights into the benefits and drawbacks of a variety of online poker sites.
  • Mobile App Availability: Check to see whether the poker website you want to use has a mobile app or a responsive website design if you want to use your mobile device to play games. You can play poker anywhere thanks to the game’s compatibility with mobile devices.
  • Reputation and Licensing: Make sure the online poker site you choose is licensed and controlled by a trustworthy organization, such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UK Gambling Commission). This helps to maintain a level playing field and looks out for your best interests as a player.
  • Trial Period: Before you commit any real money, you might want to think about joining up for a trial period or playing with play money first. This gives you the opportunity to get first-hand experience with the site’s features, gameplay, and overall experience.
  • Security and Customer Support: Check to see that the online poker site you plan to use has appropriate security measures in place to safeguard your personal and financial information. Additionally, search for websites that have customer care that is quick to respond and can help you with any problems or questions that you have.
  • Payment Options: Make sure that the available means of payment are handy for you by checking them out. Investigate all of your payment choices, including credit and debit cards, e-wallets (such as PayPal and Neteller), and bank transfers. Consider the procedure for making a withdrawal as well as any costs that may be associated with it.
  • Player Traffic: Make sure there are enough active players at the tables by looking at the site’s traffic statistics for players. When there are more participants, there are more game possibilities, and there is a greater chance that you will find games with the stakes that you desire.

Top UK Poker Games You Can Play

  1. Texas Hold’em: Texas Hold’em is the most popular type of poker game played all over the world, including in the UK. Each player receives two private cards, which they must utilize in conjunction with the five communal cards to form the greatest possible five-card hand.
  2. Omaha: Omaha is still another popular version, notably Omaha Hi/Lo, which is also known as Omaha 8 or Better. Each player is dealt four private cards, and they must utilize exactly two of those cards together with three communal cards and one of their own to form a hand.
  3. Short Deck Hold’em: Short Deck Hold’em, often known as Six Plus Hold’em, is a variant of Texas Hold’em played with a deck of 36 cards (the 2s through 5s have been omitted). Due to the absence of certain cards, the tempo of the game has quickened, and the relative value of individual hands has changed.

How We Ranked the Best UK Poker Sites

It’s tricky to rank the best poker site because there are so many factors to think about, and not all of them are equally important to players.

One key factor that is common to all poker sites is licensing. Another factor is the reputation of the poker operator. Below is a list of other factors we considered while ranking poker sites:

  • Poker mobile apps
  • Payment methods
  • Withdrawal speed
  • Game selection
  • Licensing and safety